Steep canyons and a very large egg... Hmm... How does this course relate to Yoshi? To make one lap, you can take any route you like through the complicated maze, but without keeping a careful eye on the course radar, you might drive the wrong way and end up returning to where you started. Of course, leaving the course is forbidden.
— Instruction manual description • Mario Kart 64
Yoshi Valley MK64
Yoshi Valley is a race track in Mario Kart 64. It takes place in a canyon of sorts, and has many branching paths.

The obstacles for this track include Spinies, which are scattered around the track to slow down players. Near the end of the stage, a giant Yoshi egg rolls about. If a racer is unfortunate enough to collide with the egg, they will be flattened and rendered unable to move for a few seconds.

This stage has so many winding paths that the game can not read the current standings until the end of the race.

Yoshi Valley makes a comeback in Mario Kart 8, where it is pretty much the same, only that it is in HD and the standings are correctly identified in-game.