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Winged Pikmin are the seventh addition to the Pikmin family (not including the Bulbmin) and are the most unique out of all other species so far. These Pikmin are the first Pikmin to FLY! Yes that's right, they can FLY! These small dudes, at the height of 20 mm, can fly over obstacles, enemies, and most annoyingly, into Arachnode webs... Maybe not the most useful Pikmin on the planet, considering they are only used for solving puzzles. But, fortunately, these Pikmin are easy to travel with, as most enemies cannot attack them, and they have zoomin' speeds, making them the second fastest Pikmin species. (first place goes to the White Pikmin)

Puzzle Solving!Edit

Puzzle solving is a large trademark in the Pikmin franchise, and making a Pikmin game without any puzzles wouldn't be right. Winged Pikmin have three different puzzle solving abilities, all having the same basic theme: lifting things. Winged Pikmin can lift up gates with latches on the top which take ten to lift, pink vines which can take one to five Pikmin to pull out of the ground, (a usually pointless task except for going further downstream) and finally, lifting up wooden hatches to reveal enemies or fruit, which also take ten Pikmin to open.

You Useless, Weak Pikmin!Edit

If the section title wasn't informative enough, these Pikmin are the weakest! These guys cannot be thrown directly onto creatures to crush or stun them, and they have a pathetic 7.5 attack power! Winged Pikmin may help in sticky situations, but they cannot be used very often, and it's not suggested to waste your time breeding these Pikmin.

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