Water Dumple
Appears in


Pikmin 2 Pikmin 3

Prima "Technical Name" Whiskered Water Dumple
Scientific name Ichthyosa felinis
Family Grub-dog
Areas Pikmin

The Distant Spring  Pikmin 2     Valley of Repose Perplexing PoolPikmin 3
Twilight River

Underground areas

Frontier Cavern                                   Citadel of Spiders, Shower Room, Cavern of Chaos, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den

Challenge Mode levels None
2-Player and Bingo Battle levels None
Carry weight 5
Max. carriers 10
Size 40mm
Seed worth 5
Treasure value x3
Attacks Eats Pikmin
Hit points ? in Pikmin

200 in [[Pikmin 2]]

? in Pikmin 3

Water DumpleEdit

Water Dumples (ダンゴナマズ) Have appeared in every Pikmin game (not counting Smash Bros or Nintendo Land) as a relative of the Bulborb. Yes you heard me, these creatures are Grub-dogs and act much like their relative, the Bulborb, infact they appear to be the true essence of an underwater species of Dwarf Bulborbs that aren't Bread Bugs. Theory suggests these enemies do not have eyes which causes them to find prey like a cat, a cat can tell when prey is near by using glands on the roof of its mouth to smell the air and detect life, in this case they taste the water and when you're close enough they can smell you, and hunt you down... The more you know. Throughout the series Water Dumples have changed, in Pikmin 1 they appear larger and have whiskers much like the creature they were based off of, a Cat Fish.



"This aquatic creature is a close relative of the bulborb."

Player's Guide:

"The swimming version of a Dwarf Bulborb has a large mouth and a big appitite. Since Water Dumples are blue, they blend in with the water. Squash them with Blue Pikmin or draw them out of the water and hit them with purples. Beware they can spot you from a greater distance than other enemies can."


"A resident of freshwater pools and marshes, this aquatic creature regularly feeds on insects that land on the surface of the water. It shares a nearly identical skeletal structure with its close relative and terrestrial cousin, the bulborb. This may offer clues to its evolutionary origin and suggests that it only recently emigrated to an aquatic habitat."


"Deep-fry dumples without batter for all of the flavor with half the fat!"

Killing with Strategy!Edit

Of course, if any creature is related to a Bulborb, it's most likely going to enjoy chowing down. There exist 3 suggested methods toward nonsensically murdering these poor uninnocent creatures, or atleast said to be, all of which are quick and simple.

Murder Attempt 1: Simply run into a heard of Water Dumples screaming like a banchie and punch it with your captain(s) of course don't bring Pikmin along to this, they may get eaten and are easily corrupted by violence.

Murder Attempt 2: Sometimes Water Dumples can be found or lead to land, if done so, bring a few Purple Pikmin and make quick nutriants out of them, and feed it to the Queen... The almighty Onion!

Murder Attempt 3: Probably the most obvious; run into the Water Dumples with Blue Pikmin and swarm the poor creatures in the massive crowd of unpredictable death, but be careful, unlike the Dwarf Bulbord, they can swaller 2 Pikmin! Thats a whopping 1 more than Dwarf Bulborbs!

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