Official artwork from Pokémon X and Y

That determined expression… That glint in your eye that says you're up to the challenge… It's fantastic! Just fantastic! Is this your first time challenging a Gym? Fantastic! Whether it's the tears of frustration that follow a loss or the blossoming of joy that comes with victory… They're both great subjects for my camera! Fantastic! This'll be just fantastic! Now come at me! My lens is always focused on victory—I won't let anything ruin this shot!
— Viola • Pokémon X and Y

Viola is the first Gym Leader of Pokémon X and Y. She runs Shalour City's Gym and specializes in using Bug Pokémon. She gives the Bug Badge and the TM for Infestation upon her defeat. 

Besides being a Gym Leader, Viola is also a professional photographer, as well as the younger sister of Alexa, a journalist in Lumiose City.


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