200px-SPM Thoreau

Thoreau, the throwing Pixl

Thoreau is the second of many Pixls that Mario encounters on his journey to collect the Pure Hearts in the game Super Paper Mario. He has the special ability to grab objects and enemies and throw them. Thoreau somewhat resembles a hand, and his name is a pun on the word "throw [ing]," his main method of attack. His attack can be very usefull, as he can hit switches from afar,  and by throwing one enemy into another, will do damage to the hostile NPCs regardless of prior defense stats.

He is among the many Paper Mario character to break the Fourth Wall, telling Mario to use his abilities with the 1 button. According to him, "You need not worry. The great being that watches us will know what it is."

Thoreau's Catch Card


This handy Pixl can pick things up and throw them. He's very... handy.
— Catch Card description • Super Paper Mario

Consider me fully at your disposal. Now, to adventure and beyond!
— Thoreau • Super Paper Mario