The Forest of Hope
PIK ForestofHope
Game Pikmin
How to Unlock Collect Main Engine
Pikmin Discovered Yellow Pikmin
Hazards Water


The Forest of Hope is the second area in the game Pikmin, after The Impact Site, of course. This site in total hides 8 different ship parts that you'll want to collect.


The Forest of Hope really isn't much of a forest at all. The area consists mostly of flat, grassy plains, with a few puddles of water here and there. The obstacles found in this area include Gates, Cardboard Boxes, and two bridges. A Pellet Posy here and there are can be found around the area, usually in plain sight and sometimes guarded by a standard Dwarf Red Bulborb. Bomb Rocks are hidden inside tin cans.




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Ship PartsEdit

Did you Know?Edit

  • It's largely theorized that the Awakening Wood in Pikmin 2 is the same area as The Forest of Hope
  • The best possible score for Challenge Mode in this area is 569