Shy Guy Says MP

Shy Guy Says in Mario Party

The Shy Guy will raise a flag, so just raise the same color flag. It's simple, right? The game continues until only one remains. The sly Shy Guy will try to fake you out. Don't let him fool you. If you let him down, he'll shoot you down.
— Game Rules • Mario Party

Shy Guy Says is a four-player minigame that appears in Mario Party and Mario Party 2.

The objective of the game is to raise the same flag the Shy Guy raises. Press the A button to raise a white flag, and B to raise a red flag. If you fail to do so within the given time, the Shy Guy kicks you out of the minigame. Occasionally, the Shy Guy will raise two flags in an attempt to fake you out. The last player standing wins.

In Mario Party 2, the game is initially the same, save for a few minor differences. Instead of taking place on the open sea, Shy Guy Says takes place high above the ground in the sky. A Lakitu that flies past the screen serves as the timestamp for each round. If the player does not raise the correct flag by the time it goes off-screen, the Shy Guy will pop his/her balloon.

MP2 Shy Guy Says

In Mario Party 2