Pario Marty 2 ShockDropRoll

Mario Party 2 screenshot

Throw the lever to spin the power turbine. Stop your rivals in their tracks and roll them all off! Players on the turbine should jump on top if they're about to fall.
— Game Rules • Mario Party 2

Shock, Drop or Roll is a 1-vs-3 minigame that makes it's first and so far only appearance in Mario Party 2.

In the game, one player controls a turbine suspended above an electric field by rotation it around, while the other three have to do what they must to avoid falling off. The main objective is for the player in control of the turbine to knock all the other players off (and thus out of the minigame) by rotating it about.

If at least one of the 3 players are still in the minigame by the time the timer runs out, they win. The players who are on the turbine may run or jump to avoid a rather shocking fate.

This game is similar to the Mario Party DS minigame Rotisserie Rampage.