Rocket Turret
Aperture Science door
Rocket sentry idle
Rocket Sentry
Alternate names Rocket Sentry
Appearances Portal
Race Robot
Roles Defense, Core
Meanwhile... oh look, it's your old pal the rocket turret.
— GLaDOS • Portal

The Rocket Turret is a rocket-firing robot introduced in Portal. It is apparently used by Aperture as a defense mechanism and is a key component to GLaDOS's defeat.

The Rocket Turret first appears during Chell's escape, where the player must guide the rockets in order to break down barriers.

In the final battle, a Rocket Turret is activated upon the Morality Core's destruction. The player must then knock off more of GLaDOS's Personality Cores by redirecting the rockets into her.


  • Originally, the rockets that the Rocket Turret fires were originally going to be lasers that were used to slowly melt glass. This was changed when play-tester found this to be rather boring.