Rock Pikmin

Rock Pikmin are the 6th addition to the Pikmin family (not including the Bulbmin) and make their series debut in Pikmin 3.

These Pikmin were first announced on June 5th, 2012 at E3 2012 along with the first glimpse of Winged Pikmin. Based on the notes on the KopPad within the game, all three entries go as follows:

Rock Pikmin are very hard... like rocks!
—  • Pikmin 3
Rock Pikmin inflict extraordinary damage when thrown directly onto an enemy or object.
—  • Pikmin 3
Rock Pikmin aren't crushed when trampled on.
—  • Pikmin 3

All of these are very helpful to remember, save for the first one... thanks, Nintendo.

None the less, remembering to throw Rock Pikmin is an easy way of getting around Dwarf Bulborbs without waking the adult Bulborb up, and that moment where your army of Rock Pikmin get crushed... take your inhaler, breathe in... your Pikmin are okay.

Fighting Style!Edit

Rock Pikmin are tough and can cause some serious damage if they land on a target!
— Mission Mode tip • Pikmin 3

Be a quick and nimble ninja, or a fierce sumo wrestler, these Pikmin are somewhere in between. Weighing in at a crushing 150g, th- what? You mock the weight of these creatures?! Well... they're nothing to us, if you're a Bulborb, these guys are your worst nightmare! When soaring in the air and stomping these guys pack a "punch", but when actually punching and using their rock-fu... Not so much, they normaly tumble over from the shock of their impact.

Headscratching Puzzles...Edit

Rock Pikmin might not be the best fighters, but they can shatter glass with their massive weight! Is that not impressive? Well, try throwing your other Pikmin to break glass... waste precious hours of your miserable life trying to break it. These Pikmin can not only break glass, but quartz crystals too! ...What? You say quartz is a weak and easily shattered material?! Well... you try doing these guys' job for a day! Rock Pikmin can be used for only those two puzzles as of now. But hey, you can't blame them. Take it away, Brittany!
It amazes me how they can lift their massive bodies with their skinny legs.
— Brittany • Pikmin 3