Are you psychic? Can you guess what's on the card's other side? Maybe if you stare at it long enough, a vision will come to you.
— In-game Instructions • Super Mario 64 DS

Psyche Out! is a Wario minigame in Super Mario 64 DS. It takes place in what is apparently Jolly Roger Bay, and also playes a slown-down version of it's theme.

The player has to chose one out of two cards, one of which matches the floating card on the top screen. The card in not completely nontrasparent, and players can slightly see through them. If the player selects a card that matches the one on the top screen, the round is won. At round five, there are now three cards to choose from and the card at the top screen becomes less transparent. At round five, the word LUCKY! will appear. After round fifteen, the word PSYCHIC! will show up.