You did it! We got the magic yarn!
— Prince Fluff • Kirby's Epic Yarn
Prince Fluff

Prince Fluff

Prince Fluff is a character appearing in Kirby's Epic Yarn. He is the prince of Patch Land and has all the same abilities as Kirby. You play as Kirby and the second player plays as Prince Fluff. Prince Fluff is your assistant in Kirby's Epic Yarn and tries to help you deafeat Yin Yarn and return back to normal and return to Dream Land.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Prince Fluff is similar to Krby in shape and size. He is blue in color, has orange feet and a permanent  yellow crown. Prince Fuff has a similar personality to Kirby's. Like Kirby he adores eating (but can't eat as much). He is also slightly sarter than Kirby and serious than Kirby. He is very playful and more innocent looking than Kirby (Like when he is chased by monsters in the cutscenes).


After Yin Yarn sucks Kirby into his magical sock because he ate his Maxim Tomato he goes to Patch looks the same but the only difference is he is made out of yarn. Kirby then notices a blue yarn boy (Prince Fluff) being chased by a monster then Kirby tries to suck the monster up but the air goes right through him then he accidentally transforms into a car and saves the little yarn boy.

Prince Fluff was originally going to be the main character and the name of the game would be Fluff of Yarn/Fluff's Epic Yarn but was subsequently given a supporting role once the game was given the Kirby branding.