Positron Noodle Maker
This is a mandatory ship part.
Weight 20
Max. Carriers 40 Pikmin
Location The Impact Site

The Positron Generator is a green rounded object with 2 golden antennae on the top. The Positron generator is one of the 30 Ship parts of Pikmin and is found in The Impact Site, this part allows Olimar to make his state of the arch, Instant Space Noodles.

How do I Positron?Edit

The Positron Generator requires the use of Yellow Pikmin and Blue Pikmin to aquire, it's also suggested that this is done before Day 8 which can be a bit of a challenge. First off when returning to The Impact Site pull out 3 Yellow Pikmin and make the remaining Pikmin all Blue Pikmin. Run over to the cardboard box that was moved in Day 1, now there should be bombs inside it. Guide your 3 yellows to the bombs as they pick it up, ready for battle with their courageous battle cries! "Moooo!" "Moooo!" Throw the 3 Yellow Pikmin at the stone wall to detonate it and then leave the yellows behind and advance with your monstrous pack of blues. Ahead you should see 3 Pearly Clamclamps and a large body of water, one of them should be holding the Positron Generator. Attack the Positron Generaton inside the Pearly Clamclamp, when the mouth of the creature has pulled back all the way, quickly whistle your Blue Pikmin to safety before the Clamclamp chows down. The Positron Generator is free carry it back with your blues proudly! "Moooo!" "Moooo!" "Moooo!" "Moo- Huh? You didn't do this before day 8...? You dare bring disobediance to my lair!? You will DIE!" If you haven't done this before Day 8, this will be more of a challenge, but it is possible. After Day 8 the Goolix will appear on odd numbered days and the Mamuta on even days, it's suggested it is done on days that the Goolix is around. Sneak your yellows around the Goolix and blow up the wall quickly, then run back and if you're lazy and dont feel fighting Goolix, take you're blues who are immune to the Goolix, but not unable to get stuck and break down a wall with them allowing a shortcut for the Pikmin carrying it back. The same thing is done with the Mamuta, only it's more annoying.


Ship Log:Edit

"This electric generator is so powerful that if you approach it carelessly, you'll get an electric shock!"

Discovery Notes:Edit

"I've found the Positron Generator! By combining its batteries with solar cells, this machine can generate incredible amounts of electricity. What a timely find! Those Instant Space Noodles will taste better when heated up."

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