Mario Party screenshot

Move quickly to the same colored Mushroom as Toad's flag. If you're too slow, the mushrooms will sink. Do a Hip Drop on others and squish them down. If you squish them, they can't move for a moment.
— Game Rules • Mario Party

Mushroom Mix-Up is a four-player minigame that makes it's first and so far only appearance in Mario Party. However, Hexagon Heat, a minigame that appeared in Mario Party 2, follows the exact same rules.

This minigame takes place over seven differently colored mushrooms growing over water. Near said mushrooms, a Toad waving a colored flag can be seen. 

During the minigame, all but one of the platforms will drop down into the water. The toad at the side dictates which of the platforms will stay up by waving a flag representing the color of the platform. The players must hurry to that platform before they go down, or they will be dragged off by a Blooper and, thus, will be kicked out of the minigame. The platforms give the players less time to move before they drop down as the game goes on. The last player standing wins.

The players may jump or Ground Pound each other to hinder their movement.