Mushy mush


The absolute essentail to the Super Mario (Franchise) is the Mushroom. The Mushroom's uses and effects vary throughout the series, ranging from extra lives, heals, or in the Mario Kart (Franchise) series case, a boost. When summoning the Item Roulette with an Item Box, one of the more common items to appear is the Mushroom. When using this item, the player boosts forward with great speed for about 3 seconds before returning to normal speed. If the player uses the boost and bumps into another play while speeding forth, they will knock the other player over with great force. If the player is holding a Mushroom and is hit by an offensive item be it a Banana Peel, a Green Shell etc. The player will drop their Mushroom on the ground. If you or another racer drives over this mushroom, they will get a boost for themselves.

A Fungal Feast!Edit

There are multiple varieties of the Mushroom item, much like the Banana Peel item. One of which is the "Triple Mushroom" item which is exactly what it sounds like, 3 mushrooms at your disposal. The "Triple Mushroom" varient is much more rare than the regular mushroom respectively. Another way of obtaining them is in the Time Trial mode, in this mode you will start out with a "Triple Mushroom" to boost your time and/or recover from spinning out.

In Mario Kart 8 when obtaining the "Triple Mushroom" all three mushrooms will rotate around the racer, if another racer bumps into you, they are able steal one or more from you, and get a free boots off it.

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!! when using any Mushroom varient, if you bump into another player, you can steal their item before they are able to use it.

Much like the effect in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, in the Balloon Battle mode, the player can use a Mushroom to steal another player's balloon, so watch out! One hit from that seemingly harmless boost, can lose you the game!