Screenshot in Mario Kart 8

Mount Wario is a new race course in the Mario Kart series. It takes place on a snowy mountaintop, but rather than looping around, you race down the mountain, starting from the summit and ending at the bottom. Gates mark the each section of the course, each one containing numerous obstacles and paths.

The race begins at the summit in a cargo plane, and after sliding down an ice shelf, you end up in a huge Ice cave, which transitions into what appears to be a tourist check-in center. After crossing the Wario Dam' area in Anti-Gravity, you slide down a slope, then through a small pine forest. Finally, you go down a ski slope and into vicory, at the final gate. 

In terms of shortcuts, it is possible to cut between two paths in the forest through the use of a Mushroom and access a hidden glider ramp.

It is the final course of the Star Cup.



Mount Wario

Mount Wario

Mount Wario's stage music. The music varies depending on which area you are in.