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The Item Box is the reason why Mario Kart became, well, Mario Kart! Driving through or over these objects (depending on which game you're playing) will provide you with an item to use. The items given and the design of the Item Boxes have varied throughout the years. This page is devoted only to what the design of the Item Box is, and how it functions.

Unboxing the HistroyEdit

History of Super Mario Kart: This is the only game that Item Boxes didn't really exist- instead they were flat ? Blocks on the ground known as Question Blocks. If one was driven over the Item Roulette would pop up and whatever item it landed on was the item you were given. The Question Blocks did not stay throughout the rest of the series, but the Item Roulette did.

History of Mario Kart 64: The Item Boxes are now 3-D and are comprised of the colors red and blue. They take on a sort of diamond shape and now instead of driving over them, you drive through them.

History of Mario Kart: Super Circuit: The Item Boxes remain the same as they did in Mario Kart 64 this time however, they have a horizontal rotating animation as well as a rainbow pallet cycle.

History or Mario Kart: Double Dash!!: The Item Boxes in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! had a major upgrade! They are now less like diamonds, and more like a real 3-D cube with tiny squares all around and every time the cube makes a full rotation the question mark inside will bob up and down. 

History of Mario Kart DS: In the DS version the idea of having a minimap on the botton screen was implimented, meaning that on the minimap the Item Boxes were represented by rainbow squares, other than that, there is no difference between that in DS and Double Dash!!

History of Mario Kart Wii: There is a very very small change in what appeared in the DS and Double Dash installments, and that is simply that the small squares on the Item Box are now replaced with small circles.

History of Mario Kart 7: There is no difference from that in Mario Kart Wii.

History of Mario Kart 8: There is no major difference from the Wii and 7 installments, except for a much slicker, cleaner, shinier, and more clear look.