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Hiroshi, as of version 6.0

Hiroshi is the protagonist of Ao Oni, a game in which you and your friends explore a mansion, rumored to be inhabited by a blue monster. The game starts of with Hiroshi being skeptical about the monster's existence, but soon finds out it's real after a run-in with it. After being informed that Hiroshi and Co. are trapped inside the mansion, he has to find ways for him and his friends to survive. Eventually, he escapes, although his companions were not as lucky.

Hiroshi, along with the others, are middle school students. Hiroshi seems to be the smartest in the group, solving puzzles while avoiding the monster (s).


  • In version 1.0, Hiroshi has darker colored hair.



I found the item...
— Item-get • Ao Oni
Oh my God! They killed Mika!
— Hiroshi • Ao Oni ♦ South Park Version