MP2 HexagonHeat

Mario Party 2 screenshot

Run to the hexagon that matches the color of the flag I raise. Last one standing wins! The more time it takes to determine a winner, the faster the hexagons move. Stay on your toes!
— Game Rules • Mario Party 2

Hexagon Heat is a minigame that appears in Mario Party 2. It is based off of a near identical game that appeared in the original Mario Party, Mushroom Mix-Up. Instead of taking place on mushrooms growing over the water, though, it takes place on seven metal hexagons suspended over lava.

In this minigame, the players find themselves standing on seven differently colored hexagons. When the Toad raises a flag, the players must scramble to the hexagon of the same color. All other platforms will drop down into the lava, along with any players who were unfortunate enough to be standing on such spaces, thus kicking them out of the minigame. As the game goes on, the players will be given less time to move to a new platform. 

The players may jump or Ground Pound on each other to hinder their movement. The last player standing wins.