Not to be confused with the Sega Genesis.

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Egg Genesis is a boss fought in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It is yet another one of Dr. Eggman's mechanical creations dispatched to destroy Sonic. It is only fought in the Sonic and Silver campaigns.


Since the Egg Genesis is fought by both Sonic and Silver, both fights vary slightly in the way that they are fought. The Genesis's main attacks include firing missiles and lasers from the air. It can also summon enemies. 

Sonic can damage the Genesis by running up its arms or simply jumping on it when it is hovering low and then using the Bounce Bracelet.

Since Silver is incapable of performing a direct physical attack, he must instead throw boxes at the Egg Genesis's core.

Once the Genesis gets hit, it will lose an arm. Once all arms are lost, it will perform a charging attack as a last-ditch attempt.


  • The Egg Genesis's name may come from the name of Sega's first console, the Sega Genesis, which was also the first console to star Sonic.