A horde of Creepy Beebs

The Creepy Beeb is a member of the Beeb Family exclusive to the Pikmin Adventure mini-game in Nintendo Land for Nintendo's Wii U console

Toy JoyEdit

As  with all enemies, objects, and items in Nintendo Land, the Creepy Beeb, as well as other members of the Beeb Family, may have existed on the planet PNF-404. However, they have never appeared in a main series Pikmin game before, thus making them, instead of indeginous life, mechanical toys. They consist of a small plastic purple orb with a copper-wire antenna and a green ball at the end used to transmit signals from the theme park hub. Their feet are small suction cups connected to the body by flexible copper wires. The sizes of these creatures are typically 3.9 cm in diameter, but on rare occasions, you will find one that is a bit larger. As stated before, this is very rare.

Charging Up!Edit

These radio-operated baddies are a mere pushover. They come armed with a pathetic dash attack and the thin, fragile plastic they're made of, a fault which leads them to crumble from the hit of one or two Pikmin. The dash attack they come equipped with is a simple thrust that just might take away the smallest possible unit of your health and thrust your Pikmin about... 2 cm away. These creatures tend to appear in hordes, which makes them slightly more dangerous, but they're still a pushover.

Monita's LogEdit

Creepy Beebs are about the size of Olimar and move in packs. They're usually quite peaceful creatures, but their flexible legs and formidable charge attack help them when they feel threatened.
— Monita • Nintendo Land