Four Bombardier Beebs about to blow up their target

The Bombardier Beeb is the rarest standard member of the Beeb Family. This Beeb has very few reported sightings, as they are rather suicidle.

Ooh Pretty Beeby...Edit

The Bombardier Beeb looks much like their cousin, the Creepy Beeb, however they are about 5/3 the size of their cousins, making them approximately 6.2cm in diameter. The major difference between these two relatives is that the Bombardier Beeb has a big steel ring around them and 3 steel spikes on each side of them. The wire that is usually an antennea is not replaced with a fuse...


The name "Bombardier Beeb" has one good indicator as to what makes this Beeb so special... Let's look at the name again... "Bombardier Beeb." Not only is this little guy a bombardier, he is quite litterally, a BOMBardier. The fuse that now replaced the antennea is not for just show, this radio controlled beast has more of a mind of it's own. Upon site of your Mii, the Bombardier Beeb will alight and begin a termination countdown. The beeb will start to flash faster and faster until it finally explodes in your face taking away a descent fraction of your life. The best way to avoid this attack is by running, before it explodes it will stand in place quickly and panic, this is your chance to slip away, but you must be very, very quick.

Monita's LogEdit

This creature is equipped with a fuse and will detonate when approached. Whatever you do, don't go anywhere near it carrying something flammable. Or inflammable, for that matter.
— Monita • Nintendo Land