The Bestiary is one of 4 collective encyclopedias located in the Encyclopedia section of D's Journal in Bravely Default. Throughout the game, like most RPGs, you will encounter hordes of Monsters out for your delicious blood. There are a total of 184 different enemies in the adventure that you will encounter in each area ranging from Plants and Bugs, to Dragons and Demons. Some Monsters such as optional bosses or optional side-quest monsters or even during chapter 5, certain monsters will vanish forever and will be replaced with tougher counterparts, are of one time encounter, so if you're going for 100% completion, make sure you fight them all while you can!

Fighting all the monsters is no small feat, there's a wide collection of unique beasts in the land of Luxendarc, however some of which are reskins or retextures of older, previously fought enemies, only made tougher with some new attacks and strategies. The lot of the enemies although are original in their own ways and you will find yourself getting lost in wonder of some of these creative enemies. The Bestiary is divided into 12 subsections, based on what specie the game considers this enemy to be, the number of Monsters in each section does vary however, but the distribution of enemies in the game is so well-done, there will never be one section that is easier or harder to complete than the next.

Release the Beast Edit

(SPOILER WARNING!) The entries in the Bosses Subsection may contain some major plot points, so read into at your own risk.